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Computer power cable IEC C13 Socket Lead to UK 3 pin plug, 52. Job Lot

There are 50 quantity power cables mainly used for Computers, monitors, TV’s, printers and some other equipment. Length vary from 1.8 to 2 meters, brand new unused, few have some dust or markings from rubbing against each other but all are 100% working order.  Sold as 1 job lot £40


Nokia phone chargers, small pin brand new, adapter have 2 flat pins, international voltage


Job Lot 100 chargers £225.  [Weight =4.5kg]


    Fluorescent 2D compact Lamp. B28/835/4P.  28W 4pin


Fusion Brand,  2000 Lumen,  GR10q,  10.0000hgr  lamp life,  3500K white, quantity 19.  Job Lot £60


Fluorescent Lamp Philips Master PL-C 4 pin 26 watt / 840 (Job Lot 60)


Fluorescent Lamp Philips Master PL-C 4 pin 26 watt / 840,  Catalogue Number: 623362 XX

4 Pin,  26 watt,  40000K.  This is a Job Lot of 60 new packed. £199


Filing trays paper office trays A4 size, Brand new, Rolodex Brand

Metal (not cheap brittle plastic), 10 pieces sold as one Job Lot £25,  (total 81 available for £180)



39X padlock in total, brand new packed shrink wrapped with keys.  £20 the lot.


Cabinet hinges, also known as Concealed Cabinet Hinges


Brand new 100 hinges, Job Lot  £80


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